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How To Install A Wireless Router. Wireless Transmitter Headphones

How To Install A Wireless Router

how to install a wireless router

Green Antanna by Ahmed Mater

Green Antanna by Ahmed Mater

A Boy Stands on the flat, dusty rooftop of his family’s traditional house in the south west corner of Saudi Arabia. With all his reach he lifts a battered TV antenna up to the evening sky. He moves it slowly across the mountainous horizon, in search of a signal from beyond the nearby border with Yemen, or across the Red
Sea towards Sudan. He is searching, like so many of his generation in Saudi, for ideas, for music, for poetry – for a glimpse of a different kind of life.

His father and brothers shout up from the majlis (sitting room) below, as music fills the house and dancing figures appear on a TV screen, filling the evening air with voices from another world. “This story says a lot about my life and my art” Ahmed tells
me, as he installs a bright, white neon antenna into the ceiling of a warehouse gallery in Berlin. “I catch art from the story of my life,” he continues. “I don’t know any other way.”

Ahmed Mater is the boy with the antenna; a young explorer in search of contact with the outside world, reaching out to communicate across the borders that surround him. It is this spirit of creative exploration and curiosity that defines Ahmed’s journey as an artist.

Stephen Stapleton | Berlin | June 2010

Tim The Toolman (Oliver The Tool)

Tim The Toolman (Oliver The Tool)

View from far back corner, looking towards the entry. Gracie's play table is seen, with brushed metal halogen spots (we needed to replace a utility light that was mounted there). Also, notice how the electronics are hidden behind the door. The printer cable goes up through the wall behind it, overhead through the roof, into the back room, and comes out through the baseboard in the corner where the computer desk is sitting. The wireless router and cable modem are also hooked up in that closet, to jacks we had installed by Shaw. Cable-free, clutter-free living!

how to install a wireless router

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